Hi, we are Fake Lobster Games. We're an indie game studio from Germany.
Currently we are working on a hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania.

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A Mucus Tale

"A Mucus Tale" (WT) is a hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania set on a gigantic snail. You are a parasite, exploring the vibrant ecosystem of the colossal creature, battling bizarre flora and fauna and encountering peculiar characters and civilizations.They all depend on the snail's life-giving mucus which is the key to your destiny: to devour everything so that life itself can continue to exist …


Nils Klatt
Creative Director, Lead Author

Andreas Olenberg
Technical Director, Programmer

Eric Frantzen
Creative Director, Author, Programmer

Sofia Schwerdtfeger
Character Designer, Concept Artist

Fabian Rau
2D Animation Artist

Darius Gefrom

Daniel Kilianski
Programmer, Game Designer

Alexandra Herbersdorf
Team & Project Management

Daniel Littau
Producer, Social Media

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